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Patent Attorneys

patentattorneysPatent Attorney – 8 Reasons to Hire a Patent Attorney.

Patent attorneys are expensive. So why would you want to hire one? After all patents, which are considered intellectual property, are issued by the federal government, so why can’t you just file your patent directly with the government?

You can. But only if you know the following:

1. How to determine if your idea is patentable.
2. How to do an exhaustive patent search.
3. How to determine if it has been patented before.
4. How to evaluate whether your invention idea can really make money.
5. How to write a detailed description of your invention idea.
6. The ability to create drawings that fully describe your invention visually.
7. The ability to write claims that fully protect your invention idea from infringement.
8. The knowledge to respond to the objections of the US Patent Office (or patent… Continue reading

Understanding Business Law

businesslaw1Business Law – Understanding The Contract We Are Signing.

Throughout one’s life, contracts are documents that we will enter into, sometimes without really thinking about it. It is therefore very important to be able to have some understanding of business law and understand a contract and what the contents of it mean and how it will affect you. It is an agreement between parties that have set out terms and conditions for a specific period that has been agreed too, depending on the individual contract. Lawyers are the best people to draft contracts as they are the most experienced in the field of including what should be included and what should not. In the past, lawyers included legal terminology and jargon which a lay person had trouble understanding, but now lawyers have learnt to avoid the legal jargon and focus on plain English, but some are still stuck in… Continue reading

What is Business Law

businesslawWhat Is Business Law?

In today’s society, many people are starting new businesses and they need to legally register their company. If a business is not registered, the owners may be breaking the law as they would be accused of running the business illegally. When a company wants to merge with another firm, they should have a written contract which both parties need to sign. These agreements should be drafted by a business lawyer who should guide the firms during the process. Business law covers a wide branch of knowledge across a variety of disciplines.

Business law covers all aspects of trade from the registration of a business to hiring employees and selling goods across the globe. A business may need a lawyer to help with the relevant terms of agreement and sales and present them to the other parties. When a company wants to bid for tender or have… Continue reading