Patent Attorneys

patentattorneysPatent Attorney – 8 Reasons to Hire a Patent Attorney.

Patent attorneys are expensive. So why would you want to hire one? After all patents, which are considered intellectual property, are issued by the federal government, so why can’t you just file your patent directly with the government?

You can. But only if you know the following:

1. How to determine if your idea is patentable.
2. How to do an exhaustive patent search.
3. How to determine if it has been patented before.
4. How to evaluate whether your invention idea can really make money.
5. How to write a detailed description of your invention idea.
6. The ability to create drawings that fully describe your invention visually.
7. The ability to write claims that fully protect your invention idea from infringement.
8. The knowledge to respond to the objections of the US Patent Office (or patent… Continue reading

Child Custody Rights

childcustodyAre you a father that is involved in a battle for child custody rights? In that case, you are not alone. With over half of marriages in America ending in divorce, there are millions of others who have been in the same situation. A divorce is definitely not one of life’s finest experiences in itself, but things can get even worse if there are child custody issues that need to be worked out. In a few cases, you and your ex-wife will be able to work out a deal on an amicable basis to share custody of your children in a manner that is consistent with the best interests of the child and which will be fair to all the parties involved. However, in a lot of divorce cases this will not be what happens.

Involved In A Child Custody Rights Dispute?

The Right Knowledge Is The Key.

Therefore, you… Continue reading

Protecting Your Family

familyProtecting Your Family and Your Home.

For many families, buying a house is one of the largest and most important investments they will make. Buying a house typically means taking out a loan for thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Loaning this much money means continual payments, usually for many years.

Borrowing that large of an amount of money is not something to take lightly. When borrowing this much money, people are prepared and planning to pay at least the minimum required payment. Because of the huge expense that houses typically are, many families require two incomes to pay for basic monthly costs and mortgage payments.

Protect your family with the legal services at

Do you have a mortgage payment? If so, have you ever thought about what would happen to your mortgage if something happened to you? If you passed, would your family be able to… Continue reading

Family Litigation

family-lawCost of Litigation Versus Mediation in Family Law.

Law is a business. And lawyers are in business to make money. In many cases, lots of it. In most civil cases, you need the sage advice of a person educated in statutory and case law to protect your legal rights and interests, and to advocate on your behalf. However, there are some civil disputes, such as divorce or modification of child support, which do not require legal counsel. Do-it-yourself divorces and pro se (representing yourself) litigants are on the rise, especially as the economy continues to put the squeeze on families financially and people simply cannot afford to hire lawyers. Remember: You didn’t need a lawyer to get married, and you don’t need one to get divorced.

Whether your relationship is contentious or amicable, once attorneys are involved in resolving your domestic dispute, costs begin to soar. It is an incontrovertible… Continue reading

Understanding Business Law

businesslaw1Business Law – Understanding The Contract We Are Signing.

Throughout one’s life, contracts are documents that we will enter into, sometimes without really thinking about it. It is therefore very important to be able to have some understanding of business law and understand a contract and what the contents of it mean and how it will affect you. It is an agreement between parties that have set out terms and conditions for a specific period that has been agreed too, depending on the individual contract. Lawyers are the best people to draft contracts as they are the most experienced in the field of including what should be included and what should not. In the past, lawyers included legal terminology and jargon which a lay person had trouble understanding, but now lawyers have learnt to avoid the legal jargon and focus on plain English, but some are still stuck in… Continue reading

Divorce Legal Services

divorceDealing With a Divorce: Getting Legal Help.

If you are someone with a financial condition which does not allow you to pay for a divorce, there is great news for you, assistance is at hand, and that too completely free of cost! There are a number of legal organizations with well-experienced legal experts who offer their services at a nominal fees or completely free of charge. Besides, many of the great legal firms offer their services every year free of charge at specified times.

The ideal channel for assistance with regard to free or affordable legal service in the matter of divorce is live chat shows in different television channels where experts are called upon to answer questions raised by the viewers. Another affordable alternative is the Internet where you can browse the profiles of great legal experts and opt for the one which you feel confident would assist… Continue reading

What is Business Law

businesslawWhat Is Business Law?

In today’s society, many people are starting new businesses and they need to legally register their company. If a business is not registered, the owners may be breaking the law as they would be accused of running the business illegally. When a company wants to merge with another firm, they should have a written contract which both parties need to sign. These agreements should be drafted by a business lawyer who should guide the firms during the process. Business law covers a wide branch of knowledge across a variety of disciplines.

Business law covers all aspects of trade from the registration of a business to hiring employees and selling goods across the globe. A business may need a lawyer to help with the relevant terms of agreement and sales and present them to the other parties. When a company wants to bid for tender or have… Continue reading

Representation from Spanish Speaking Law Firms in Seattle

There may be many instances where you may require legal representation. Family law matters may arise that can only be resolved when you hire the appropriate counsel. By appropriate counsel, it is commonly meant the attorney you hire has experience and success in the particular legal area in which you need help. However, there can be other factors that can determine whether or not a particular attorney or law firm is the right selection. One factor would be the ability of the firm to cross any language barriers. Anyone that speaks English as a second language and Spanish is the primary language may wish to retain the services of a lawyer that speaks fluent Spanish.

Family law is a very complex legal area which is why any Spanish speaking person living in Seattle should seek out a Spanish speaking law firm like Lawgena. This way, language issues do… Continue reading

Child Custody: Who’s representing your child?

Hopefully you will never need to talk with a child custody lawyer in Seattle, but if you do make sure you do your research on this important life changing situation. In this article I will introduce you to the following terms; co-parenting, equal parenting, child custody and family law.

Child custody comes down to who legally can take care of a child when the parents cannot necessarily be with each other anymore. Sometimes these separations go smoothly and both parties can agree on the child’s future, but sometimes they need to involve a family law specialist with a biased opinion on the outcome. This article goes into more detail about options you have and gives you a reputable company to help you work your matters through. Do not feel uncomfortable in any choice you may make. A confident decision is better than an uneducated decision especially in a… Continue reading

Divorce Attorneys

“Law for this Generation” is the reason the Lawgena Law Firm in Seattle was established. With over 14 years of experience, Matthew Webbeking had a vision for a law firm that accepted clients of all races, creeds and colors, ages and all types of relationship difficulties that may need legal attention. Webbeking is a native of Seattle, attending Whitman College and Seattle University School of Law, and he now lives in West Seattle with his family. If you are looking for a Seattle divorce attorney then check out Lawgena.

Smart Technology for this Generation

The attorneys of this firm also want to help clients in the most affordable way possible. Technology provides many tools to use in communication, and it is the main tool Lawgena uses with their clients who have busy lifestyles. Lawgena has designed a flat fee legal service for our clients that utilize this… Continue reading

Finding Legal Resources

Usually when you find yourself in a legal jam your primary concern is getting some answers as fast as possible. Of course, these days, the quickest way to get any sort of information is on the internet. It is as simple as going to Google and typing your situation plus the term legal advice into the search box. In an instant you will get links to any amount of free information that you could ask for.

This information is just fine if your question is just hypothetical or you are just in search of general information. If the information is urgent and related to a current situation where you find yourself in need of legal representation a different approach may be called for. Search free legal consultation instead. This will bring up numbers for attorneys that you can call to answer your questions directly.

Types of Lawyers

The different types of lawyers and descriptions of each

There are really just two types of lawyers:

  1. Courtroom lawyers, also known as trial attorneys. They generally move forward with cases that go to trial, file and prepare all the necessary legal documents and paperwork.
  2. The other type of attorneys are what is known as “transactional attorneys”. Transactional lawyers make deals with opposing attorneys in order to keep the case from going to trial.

Below are the most common areas of legal practice and specializations of attorneys:

  • Litigation: These types of lawyers work to resolve disputes between opposition and usually represent the more established, and usually larger law firms.
  • Trial Lawyers: Trial attorneys are involved in business disputes and many (if not all) of these practice criminal law or personal-injury and similar negligent related areas of specialty.